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March, 2012 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Carlee Zent Academics - Government
Krystal Rice Allie Health Careers
Ashley Smith Allied Health Careers
Zachariah Walker Automotive Technology
Breana Garcia Careers Early Education
Sandra Flores Community Work Skills
Tony Striverson Construction Trades
Brittany Matuska Cosmetology
Kelley Gibson Culinary Arts
Jordon Wyche Information Technology
Kendal Hampton PSA - Fire Science

Febuary, 2012 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Breana Garcia Academics - English
Romika Gunn Allie Health Careers
Nicholas Wusterbarth Allied Health Careers
Johnathan Noyes Automotive Technology
Staci Manely Careers Early Education
Emily Christie Community Work Skills
Michale Keller Construction Trades
Justin Payton Construction Trades
Bri-Anna Burkey Cosmetology
Timothy Sutter Information Technology
Michael Schmidt PSA - Fire Science

January, 2012 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Lindsey Elliott Academics - Mathmatics
Robin Stinson Allied Health Careers
Morgan Nichols Allied Health Careers
Kenneth Miller Automotive Technology
Cody Newman Construction Trades
Jamie Richards Cosmetology
Kari McCrory Culinary
Kelsey Martin Information Technology
Gabrielle Rosheck Information Technology
Joshua Grimm PSA-Criminal Justice
Victoria Labrosse Young Adult Transition

November, 2011 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Nathan Gessese Academics Government
Angelica Zavala Allied Health Careers
Lucas Krizon Automotive Technology
Kole Smith Careers in Early Education
Kristin Mcginnis Culinary Arts
Carl Freewalt Engineering Technology
Erika Smallwood Information Technology
Hayden Komarck PSA - Fire Science
Joshua Archambult Young Adult Transition

October, 2011 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Keith Terry Academics English
Devin Hairston Allied Health Careers
Berry Washington Automotive Technology
Shenicqua Hyacinthe Careers in Early Education
Christopher Lewis Community Work Skills
Sam Cook Construction Treades
Jacob Jones Culinary Arts
Zachary Melchi Information Technology
Bradley Berghoff PSA - Criminal Justice

April, 2011 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Ashley Stucker Academics - Government
Rayna Junk Allied Health Careers
James Robinson Automotive Technology
Blanca Yuquilima Careers in Early Education
Riley Alter Community Work Skills
Austin Vorndran Construction Trades
Destany Jackson Cosmetology
Somyia Paulk Culinary
Samuel Kohl Information Technology
Daniel Chiu PSA-Criminal Justice
Chase Farrell Administrative Department
Matt Raines Administrative Department
Bryce Truemper Administrative Department
Rodney Van Camp Administrative Department

March, 2011 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Michael Ford Academics - Mathematics
Anansa Harris Allied Health Careers
Terron Alexander Community Work Skills
Chris-Lynn Haywood Co-op
Luis Flores Automotive Technology
Kayla Morris Careers in Early Education
Jeremy Grahovac Engineering Technology
Zachary Wight Information Technology
Tanner Wild PSA - Fire Science

February, 2011 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Nicholas Resor Acedemics - English
Domonick Simmons Allied Health Careers
Ashley Tubbs Allied Health Careers
Seth Sare Automotive Technology
Shamere Lewis Careers in Early Education
Roni Fowlkes Cosmetology
Jamie Heck Culinary
Aaron Steinacker Engineering Technology
Robert Dukarski Information Technology
Carl Talley PSA - Criminal Justice

January, 2011 Student Appreciation Luencheon
Name Department
Zach Wight Academics - Government
Ruben Lopez Allied Health Sciences
Jessie Steger Automotive Technology
Hailey Irving Careers in Early Education
Edger Martinez Construction Trades
Chelsea White Cosmetology
Alecia Butler Culinary
Kayla Alber Information Technology
Phil Fisher PSA - Criminal Justice
Sara Purcell Young Adult Transition

November, 2010 Student Appreciation Luencheon
Name Department
Taylor Morgan Academics - Math
Autumn Steed Allied Health Careers
Dayasha Williams Allied Health Careers
Jose Zuniga III Automotive Technology
Alicia Haller Careers in Early Education
Nathanial James-Core Construction Trades
Jessenia Garcia Cosmetology
Kody Aswegan Culinary
Carrie Helgesen Information Technology
Trevor Bly PSA - Fire
Jose Alfredo Leon' Garcia Young Adult Transition

October, 2010 Student Appreciation Luencheon
Name Department
Jessica Miller Acedemics - English
Sameha Albayyari Allied Health Careers
Kirstan Underwood Allied Health Careers
James Hughes Automotive Technology
JonQuisha Sparks Careers in Early Education
Dustin Harrison Community and Work Skills
Ruben Perez Construction Trades
Brittany Creed Cosmetology
Wendine Charles Information Technology
Samantha Eckrich PSA - Criminal Justice

April, 2010 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Alicia Haller Careers In Early Education
Dan Thompson Construction Trades
Breanna Tolbert Cosmetology
Alecia Butler Culinary Arts
Alex Federspiel Fire Science
Ryann Bireley IT Academy
Josip Slisko Co-Op
Zach Keele Social Studies / Government

March, 2010 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Dawson Meyer Allied Health Careers
Aaron Wheeler Automotive Technology
Brittany Payton Careers In Early Education
Jessica Rasor Community and Work Skills
Jordon Owens Construction Trades
Kimberly Snyder Cosmetology
John Secheverell Criminal Justice
Arisah Abdul-Azeez Culinary Arts
Amra Hamzic IT Academy
Dillon Harrell Mathematics

November, 2009 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Claudia Macias Academic/Mathematics
Conner Sewell Allied Health Careers
Wilfredo Pla Automotive Technology
Jamesha Rogan Careers In Early Education
Austin Lundquist Construction Trades
Samantha Lee Cosmetology
Colin Snyder Culinary Arts
Raymond Reeb Community Work Skills
Jackson Warren Public Safety/Fire Science
Saul Serrano IT Academy

October, 2009 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Natalie Williams Academic/English
LaTisha Benson Allied Health Careers
Jamie Ables Automotive Technology
Tianna Jones Careers In Early Education
Thomas Mills Construction Trades
Lauren Eby Cosmetology
Jeff Belcher Young Adult Transition
Brandy Amstutz Public Safety/Fire Science
Casey Spurgeon IT Academy

April 23, 2009 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Alexa Mauger Allied Health Careers
Jared Goins Automotive Technology
Melissa Betz Careers in Early Education
Josh Edwards Construction Trades
Chayanne Wilson Cosmetology
Lam Nguyen Culinary Arts
Elizabeth Salazar Engineering Technology
Benecia Brown ICE
Jessie Wetzel IT Academy
Meagan Schoeff Social Studies

March 26, 2009 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Annie Resor Allied Health Careers
Troy Cotton Automotive Technology
Julia Roberts Careers in Early Education
Franscisco Barrera Community Work Skills
Chandler Glentzer Construction Trades
Candice Childs Cosmetology
Erik Salazar Culinary Arts
Kenneth Billingsley Engineering Technology
Justin Ransom Fire Science
Sarah Lindelien ICE
Stephanie Kroeber IT Academy
Julian Norris Mathematics

February 26, 2009 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Josh Campbell Administrative Selection
Kaylene Geiger Allied Health Careers
Donald Parsons Automotive Technology
Alyssa Kerns Careers in Early Education
Chris Rittenhouse Construction Trades
Alyssa Brincefield Cosmetology
Zach Taylor Crilminal Justice
Andrew Ludquist Culinary Arts
Dillon Faylor Engineering Technology
Mark Rose IT Academy
Josh Kirkwood Young Adult Transition
JJ Park Construction Coop

Novemeber 6, 2008 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Morgan Andrew Allied Health Careers
Kyle Farrel Automotive Technology
JulieMcDermitt Careers in Early Education
Patrick Koester Community Work Skills
Josh Applegate Construction Trades
Ashley Grear Cosmetology
Felix Martinez Crilminal Justice
Natalia Geiger Culinary Arts
Jimmie Trotter Engineering Technology
Dylan Cashdollar Firefighter
Matt Gray IT Academy
Mark Mowant Mathematics

October 9, 2008 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department
Alicia Danner Allied Health Careers
Denis Samardzic Automotive Technology
Alexa Alexander Careers in Early Education
Daniel Pierce Construction Trades
Paige Brigman Cosmetology
Merscedes Gamble Culinary Arts
Brian Jewell Engineering Technology
Ashley Grear English
Jarred Johnson Firefighter
Jamal Wyley IT Academy
Wesley Bryant Young Adult Transition

February 8, 2007 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department Home School
Walken Butts Administrative Selection Home Schooled
Rachelle Bookmiller Allied Health Careers Northrop
Julie Nguyen Allied Health Careers Homestead
Corbin Stalf Automotive Technology Homestead
Gabrielle Jauregui Careers in Early Education North Side
Josh Springer Construction Trades Northrop
Tiffany Snyder Cosmetology Snider
Jason Bennett Engineering Technology Churubusco
Chastity Bloom Hospitality Careers Elmhurst
Leticia Starks IT Academy South Side
Jaimie Brown Mathematics Snider

January 19, 2007 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department Home School
Shamika Boykin Allied Health Careers Paul harding
Nishana Hamza Allied Health Careers North Side
Phil Keller Automotive Technology North Side
Brittani Fields Careers in Early Education Wayne
Jasmine King Community Work Skills Wayne
Matt Wenger Construction Trades Snider
Cortney Schoenle Cosmetology Bishop Dwenger
Aaron Brimm Engineering Technology North Side
Andrew Lamping Hospitality Careers South Side
Michael Bolin IT Academy North Side
Alicia Malcolm English Leo

November 9, 2006 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department Home School
Kim Houshoulder Administrative Northrop
Tamisha Leanyear Career Academy North Side
Eric Hazen Automotive Technology Carroll
Sean Saffer Community Work Skills Carroll
Miranda Murphy Information Technology Homestead
Benjamin Schoch Construction Trades Northrop
Marissa Schroeder Cosmetology North Side
Toron Jones Careers in Early Education Snider
Tyler Daniels Allied Health Careers South Side
Samantha Ware Allied Health Careers Snider
Kayla Shelton Hospitality Services Northrop
Leah Briones Engineering Technology Churubusco
Justin Jancso Firefighter Elmhurst
Ian Kacala Social Studies Elmhurst

October 12, 2006 Student Appreciation Luncheon
Name Department Home School
Justin Dwight Adm. Selection Elmhurst
Zachariah Spindler Career Academy South Side
Zach Hook Automotive New Haven
Amanda Didier Allied Health Careers Snider
Shaina Sprunger Allied Health Careers South Side
Scott Brooks Aviation Homestead
Michael Hickman Aviation Snider
Ja'Vonda Capers Careers in Early Education Wayne
Mike Haupt Construction Trades North Side
Felicia Collins Cosmetology Northrop
David McKnight Engineering Technology Snider
Tommy Lepper Firefighter Heritage
Emerson Kroeber IT Academy North Side
Carl Cartwright Young Adult Transition Wayne
Crystal Myers Mathematics Elmhurst